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When we are children, we all talk about what we are going to be when we get older. Everything from a fireman, to an astronaut, to a chef, to a lawyer, to a business owner. What we are not, always, told at a young age is we will have to go to school, many…many…many years to become these things. There will be sleepless nights from studying. There will be financial investments that have to be made in order to get the business out there and help it grow. You can’t just say, “I want to be a heart surgeon,” and expect that to come to pass by watching medical shows on tv. You’re going to have to read, study, job shadow, read some more, do rotations, lose nights of sleep, miss entertainment events, etc., in order for your dream to come to fruition. I would talk about what I wanted out of life and the dreams I had, but I was doing nothing to make them happen. I did go to school and finish, but that is all. I applied for jobs, but, rarely, followed up. I knew I wanted freedom, but believed I would get that in a corporate setting. With everything going on in my life, I used that as an excuse of why I wasn’t working hard. My biggest excuse was money. I was, still, hoping the opportunity of a lifetime would fall in my lap. I started to believe God would make things happen as long as had faith. Sean Combs said, “Never hope for it more more than you work for it.” As things in my life started to shift, so did my mindset. I wanted to work for myself. I started seeing that, for FREE, I could’ve been reading and researching. For FREE, I could’ve been talking to people and getting information and guidance. I realized my dreams were not going to come to pass if I wasn’t willing to put in the work. I have early mornings and long nights. I don’t hang out just to blow money, anymore. My priorities and focus changed, so the road to my goals and dreams changed. Everyday, at some point in time throughout that day, is GRINDay. Now, I am CEO of Phoenix of Hope, LLC, a fitness and nutrition coach, a Brand Ambassador of It Works Global (ties into POH Fitness), and a beauty consultant for Avon. To some that seems like a lot, but it all ties in to my mission for Phoenix of Hope… Helping others to RISE from the ashes by living DPC…Determined…Persistently…Consistently. I thank God for allowing me to have a drive to get to where I want to be in life. “Just as the body is dead without breath, so also faith is dead without good works.” ~James 2:26~