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We, often, get wrapped up in how much money we DON’T have when it comes to us pursuing our passion, following our dreams, and walking in our purpose. Transparent moment: this is something I, still, struggle with today, but I no longer allow myself to get stuck. I remember the following five things available to me anytime I feel the financial roadblock becoming overwhelming. I say, “Which of these five things can I do, now, to get me closer to my end result?”

  • HANDS– You can use your hands to write a letter to someone you want to be mentored by. You can use your hands to send an email to someone you would love to have as a client/customer. You can log on the internet and request information from the college you desire to attend.
  • MOUTH– If there is something you want to talk about or, even, a book you want to write, just start talking. No need in worrying about all the technicalities, just start talking about it. Use your mouth to draw interest. Ask people questions about what you want or need the answer to.
  • FEET– MOVE!!! Even if you don’t know what your next step is, just take a step…go stand outside. If you want to lose weight, you don’t need money for a gym membership. All you need is your feet. Get to walking! FREE!!!!!
  • NETWORK (other people)– Yes, it is true, people charge for their time, BUT there are people available to you that won’t charge a thing. Your coworker may know someone who can, help, propel you to the next level. You may have a family member who, themselves, can be the resource you need. Building your network means there could be someone at the grocery store who plays a part in you walking in your purpose.
  • FAITH– Faith is belief in something. Whatever it is you are desiring, it costs you absolutely NOTHING to believe it is yours.

I, purposefully, did not mention God as a REsource. God is THE SOURCE. He uses these people or things to help us along the way, while we are fulfilling our purpose in life. It is up to us to tap in to that SOURCE OF POWER! We must study the Word and develop a relationship with God. Seek clarity of your vision and guidance on your journey.

I hope this blesses you. Comments and feedback are welcomed. I love you!

Be good be safe be blessed


~Tasha K~



Today’s post is going to be short, sweet, and simple. When we set out to do something or obtain something, we do so with expectation. Expectation of meeting our goal. If that goal or mark isn’t reached or doesn’t happen on our terms or in our timing, we stop. We get in our feelings. We allow fear of failure to set in. We start listening to other people tell us how they knew it wouldn’t work or we couldn’t do it. We throw the idea or dream away. Babe Ruth said, “Don’t let fear of striking out keep you from swinging the bat.” I’m living proof that if there is something in this world you are truly passionate about achieving, DON’T GIVE UP!!! It can be getting your high school diploma, having a family, losing 50 pounds, starting a business, overcoming depression, running a 10k, or even winning a food eating contest… pizza would be fun lol. Don’t let other people’s opinion about YOUR passion stop you. The vision wasn’t given to them. Who cares you didn’t succeed the first time. Truth be told, you might not succeed the second, third, or fourth time, either. What will make you a winner and successful is for you to keep going. The mission of Phoenix of Hope is to help other live DPC…Determined…Persistently…Consistently. I promise you that if you keep God first, stay in his Word, and live DPC, you WILL achieve all that you set out to do…no matter who you are…as long as you know whose you are!!! This is my favorite Bible verse because it gets me through EVERYDAY (tattoo on me)…”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” ~Philippians 4:13~



Deadlines are something that I’ve always dealt with. I had deadlines for school, for work, and I placed deadlines on things happening in my life. Let me tell you what I’ve learned about those deadlines in my life…God has a way of showing you who’s God! It is one thing to set goals and have a target. It is another to say, “This has to happen by this day or else…!” When we set goals, if they are not met, we shouldn’t get discouraged and quit. We should keep going until the goal is reached. Over the years, I’ve put deadlines on my career, my education, personal relationships, and more. In my season of turmoil, struggle, and stress, I was really making demands. I wanted a husband…NOW. I wanted a new career…NOW. I wanted my businesses to take off…NOW. I wanted to go to law school…NOW. I didn’t realize the stuff I was doing to make those things happen…NOW…were what was causing my sleepless nights and tears. I wanted to know why God wasn’t allowing what I, THOUGHT, I wanted and needed to just happen. I wasn’t seeing that I needed to be still and rest in the Lord. I didn’t believe He could or, even, would help me. One year ago, yesterday, life shifted for me. I was forced to face some things going on in my life and in that process, I developed a relationship with God. I was seeing that I had to stop trying to make things happen on my own and allow God to move in my life. Things were not going according to my timeline because it was not God’s timeline. My situations started to turn around for the better…financial, spiritual, and emotional. I acknowledged God was in control…not Tasha Cooper! HONESTY MOMENT…I thought I had gotten to that place…the place where I could take my hands off things and let God handle it. Having a deadline for my $1,000 bonus this week put that to the test. Needless to say, I still have some work to do. I didn’t completely fail because I recognize that there is still work to be done and God is not through with me. I, now, see the promotion and bonus wasn’t all it was about. I need to move out of my own way so I can be ready for the blessings God has for me. I believe he wants me to keep pushing and not get stuck and in my feelings when things don’t go my way. I want to encourage anyone reading this to just KEEP GOING. When things don’t go as planned and you miss MAN’S deadline, understand that it is not God’s deadline. He is ALWAYS in control and His timing is ALWAYS perfect. As long as we stay in His word and keep him first, we will receive everything he has promised us. “God has perfect timing: NEVER early, NEVER late. It takes a little patience and a lot of faith, but it’s worth the wait.” “He replied, `The Father alone has the authority to set those dates and times, and they are not for you to know.`” ~Acts 1:7~